Fun Run Fundraising!

On Sunday 15th May, our local fun run (Knowle Fun Run) was held and we took the most of this opportunity to do some fundraising for this trip!

Kathryn and Caitlin, along with the Mums of Daisy, Kathryn and Emma, “ran” the fun run with buckets collecting money along the way. I mean it was more of a walk/slow jog really (!), but we still did it and managed to raise £116.50 from people cheering us on along the way!

fun run

[from left to right] Lisa (Daisy’s mum), Caitlin, Kathryn, Monica (Kathryn’s mum), and Julie (Emma’s mum)

We also had a stall at the fun run where we did face painting, temporary tattoos, and ‘Splat the Rat’ which combined raised £120.85!

The Fun Run was also our date for the draw of our big raffle that we have been selling raffle tickets for for a few months which in total has raised over £1,000! Congratulations to the winners of the prizes as well!

Thank you to everyone who donated for both the Fun Run and the raffle, your generosity is greatly appreciated by all the girls!